KLAVER offers intelligence to a spectrum of business applications. We strive to deliver an integrated risk assessment platform to crunch huge data and make sense of seemingly unrelated data and unravel patterns, derive insights, trends and outliers that can go undetected.

With KLAVER, business users, corporate communications professionals can leverage on the insights to mitigate brand and reputation risk. Data scientists, decision-makers, risks managers can leverage deep targeted anomaly analytics to manage public order and security. Operations centers and intelligence centers in organization’s governance risk and compliance team can have manual rule only based risk scoring be augmented by unconventional non-rule based filtering for high risk elements.



KLAVER. Enterprise Knowledge Management

Knowledge management leads to improved organizational EFFECTIVENESS

Enterprises currently employ content management and search systems to be more operationally effective through organizational learning, knowledge management, collaboration and information sharing. Huge investment has been placed on proprietary software applications or out of the box turn key solutions to solve the current organization challenges. Users are however still pegged with gaps in their solutions.


Top Users Pain points

  1. Users can’t “find what they want” or discover relevant content effectively using current enterprise search tools.
  2. Users need to straddle multiple content information silos to search for relevant content or information.
  3. Users can’t easily find other users with similar interests whom they can exchange knowledge or collaborate with.



KLAVER leverages on structured and unstructured data sources fused into our intuitive platform engines and enhances enterprise knowledge management with the ability to perform.

  1. Advanced Search

    Search results quality is found to be significantly improved over existing content management tool search.

  2. Deep content filtering features

    These features allow users to locate content more effectively. Suggested Search/Content allow users to discover search related content.

  3. Digital Workspace

    User recommendations allow users to discover user-profile related users of interest. Content recommendations allow users to discover user-profile related content of interest.

KLAVER Knowledge Management provides a rapid collaboration tool and platform for a variety of stakeholders to ensure organizational effectiveness and risk management for corporate governance, risk mitigation and regulatory compliance


KLAVER. Risk Management

KLAVER has been deployed by worldwide trade organizations looking for a single integrated  risk platform solution.

TRAILS* is a Cargo Targeting Intelligence (CTI) system that enriches transactional cargo data with open source data, employs data fusion and data-mining techniques to discover insights/knowledge in the known and unknowns space, and applies advanced predictive analytics to deliver risk indicators.

TRAILS can operate independently or be integrated into an existing risk management system via APIs to provide enhanced risk assessment. TRAILS employ leading edge technologies such as machine learning, NLP / text-mining and semantic web.

KLAVER. Risk management tool provides a one-glance overview of multiple risk assessment perspectives of a transaction:

  • Declaration
  • Permit
  • Cargo Manifest
  • Passenger Manifest
  • Vessel Arrival/Departure



Based on user defined rules and unstructured open source integrated data, a single dashboard of risk profile can be customized for further review by stakeholders.

Predictive analytics can also be deployed to model patterns of fraudulent behaviour so that future instances of such behaviour can be detected automatically. The models will be trained from known behaviour and characteristics of risky consignments, individuals and companies such as: misclassification of goods, undervaluation of goods, misrepresentation of origin with the intention of duty or tax evasion and smuggling scenarios.


Leveraging on big data , machine learning and augmented artificial intelligence with KLAVER. Risk Management, government agencies can mitigate risk exposure resulting in improved public order and security.


KLAVER. Analyst Workbench

With KLAVER. Analyst Workbench, corporate communications professionals can leverage on a variety of unlimited open source data targets to create on-demand campaigns. These campaigns can be monitored for discovery of emerging trends or further sentiment analysis on brand.

The KLAVER. Analyst Workbench is build on an award winning platform and leverages on natural language processing of the semantic web to provide brand artificial intelligence. KLAVER offers easy-to-understand models which users can download as diagnostic charts, data and documentation to share with stakeholders. Build on the cloud platform, KLAVER. Analyst Workbench provides an insight to a uniquely Asian build data repository and appropriate for today’s highly volatile world where organizations want immediate data driven results.