Klaver Enterprise 2.0

KLAVER is an AI-based risks discovery, predictive analytics and continuous monitoring platform… eliminating and accelerating the logistics between (data) source to decisions. It virtualises and automates data acquisition to preparation to analysis; continuously scans Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and internal data to discover anomalies and emerging trends; enables any user-type to simply select data sources and analytics to derive on-demand intelligence; and performs machine-learning (non-rule) and rules-based risks assessment


Illustration above depicts KLAVER’s Value Proposition through the lifecycle of data for timely actions

Demand for data science professionals are increasingly exponential. KLAVER empowers users to virtualize their own data science without the need for many data science professionals. The enterprise level platform which operates at top notch performance also augments organization’s data scientist of the mundane work of data acquisition, data fusion, analytics and deep targeted decision support analytics.

The seamless KLAVER platform leverages on machine learning and artificial intelligence and streamline workflow as illustrated into tools which allows everyone to become a data scientist professional.


  • Version 2.0; on-premise turnkey solution
  • End-to-end risks discovery to predictive analytics
  • OSINT-ready to enrich internal data: social media, open, deep & dark web, RSS feed, text, video & images
  • Multi-language capability (200+)
  • Analytics Suite: Text Analysis, Topic Detection, Sentiment Analysis, Pattern Analysis, Trend Analysis, Entity Profiling, Link Analysis, Anomaly Detection, Predictive Analytics, more…
  • Integrated risk assessment
  • Smart Search
  • Customised dashboards & UI